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Players now have the option of hundreds of various variants in Video Poker games, casino live malaysia each with several paytable versions. In addition, you can play concurrently between 1 and 100 Video Poker hands. The versatility is further increased by Exotic twists such as Spin Poker, a mix of slot machines and Video Poker, as well as Multi Strike Poker.

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Best Games of Video Poker

Below are some of the most common and most paid online and land-based video poker games. To visit the dedicated platform, click on the link to locate the highest paid versions of each game, completing the strategy, app vendors and casinos.

  • The most popular online or land-based Video Poker game, with RTP 99.54% full pay and low volatility. Jackets or Better.
  • Deuces Crazy – The Online Poker game is 100.76% for the best RTP and a little more than Jacks or Better for maximum pay.
  • Pick’em Poker – the lowest deviation and simplest to learn online Video Poker game with the best RTP of 99.95 percent.
  • The RTP is 100.17 per cent, however, it is only available in lower paid models, with a larger variation than Deuces Wild. 
  • Double Bonus Poker – As with Double Bonus, it includes four aces with a higher reward, a high RTP (100,07 percent), as well as a high variation.

Video Poker Fun Facts - 5 Most Interesting Facts About Video Poker

Classic variants of Video Poker

Progressive Jackpot Video Poker games generally deliver progressive jackpots, normally for the Royal Flush, for unique variations. Many Video Poker machines are sometimes interconnected to have a higher jackpot. The bigger the progressive jackpot the more the theoretical payoff the game. It’s crucial to note.

A special video poker variant with four levels of hands means a Multi Strike Poker or Step Up Poker. The top hand is double the amount of the right. You have to strike a paying hand, normally Jacks or Better, to move one level upwards. All four hands must, though, be bet on, no matter whether you can ascend to the top or not.

The variation in this game is immense and you need to change your approach in order to maximize the prospects to grow. Free riding is often offered – a wild card that allows you, even if you don’t have a hand to compensate, to transfer to the highest level of the hand. The theoretical payout is the same pay as regular Video Poker.

The games 

Spin Poker by IGT is essentially the same Video Poker Game, but you get 5-wheel spin cards rather than being handled in cards like normal Video Poker, such as in slot machines. In fact, the first Video Poker machines were like a slot machine on five wheels. For more detail, see our Video Poker History section

Video Poker Multi-Hand is a video poker game, enabling you to simultaneously play numerous cards. The most popular way to play 5,10,50 or 100 hands at once is by Multi-Hand Video Poker machines. The variation is therefore larger since the bet on all the hands you play must be placed, but for any of the hands the result is determined individually.


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